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レノア Lenore:エドガー・ポーを読む


  ああ 黄金の鉢は壊れ 魂は永遠に飛び去った
  鐘を鳴らせ 気高い魂が三途の川を渡るのだ
  そしてギデヴィアよ いまこそ泣け さもなくば二度と泣くな
  見よ かなたの棺の中に 愛するレノアは横たわる
  さあ哀悼の言葉を述べよ 葬送の歌を歌え

  忌まわしきものよ お前たちは彼女の富を羨み 彼女の誇りを憎んだのだ
  そして彼女が病に倒れたとき その死を祈ったのだ
  どうしてお前たちの邪悪な目が 哀悼の言葉をたどり
  お前たちの毒を含んだ舌が 鎮魂の歌を歌うことなどできようか
  この無垢なる娘を死に追いやったのは お前たちなのだ

  懺悔せよ 言葉静かに そして安息の歌を歌え
  その歌が天まで届き 死者を慰められるように
  愛するレノアは神に召され 希望ははかなく費え
  残されたものは花嫁を失って むなしく嘆く
  そのレノアが今も美しく 静かに横たわる

  前へ進もう 今宵の我が心は軽く もう挽歌を歌うことはしまい
  レノアの周りには天使たちが 古代の賛歌とともに漂うのだから
  鐘は鳴らすな レノアの魂が天上のざわめきの中で
  地上から漂い来るその調べに 惑わされぬように
  かくて下界の敵から天上の友へと 憤怒の亡霊は引きわたされる
  悲哀と呻きとから黄金の玉座 主の傍らへと



LENORE. By Edgar Allan Poe

  AH, broken is the golden bowl! the spirit flown forever!
  Let the bell toll! -- a saintly soul floats on the Stygian river;
  And, Guy De Vere, hast thou no tear? -- weep now or never more!
  See! on yon drear and rigid bier low lies thy love, Lenore!
  Come! let the burial rite be read -- the funeral song be sung! --
  An anthem for the queenliest dead that ever died so young --
  A dirge for her the doubly dead in that she died so young.

  "Wretches! ye loved her for her wealth and hated her for her pride,
  "And when she fell in feeble health, ye blessed her -- that she died!
  "How shall the ritual, then, be read? -- the requiem how be sung
  "By you -- by yours, the evil eye, -- by yours, the slanderous tongue
  "That did to death the innocence that died, and died so young?"

  Peccavimus; but rave not thus! and let a Sabbath song
  Go up to God so solemnly the dead may feel no wrong!
  The sweet Lenore hath "gone before," with Hope, that flew beside,
  Leaving thee wild for the dear child that should have been thy bride --
  For her, the fair and debonair, that now so lowly lies,
  The life upon her yellow hair but not within her eyes --
  The life still there, upon her hair -- the death upon her eyes.

  "Avaunt! to-night my heart is light. No dirge will I upraise,
  "But waft the angel on her flight with a Paean of old days!
  "Let no bell toll! -- lest her sweet soul, amid its hallowed mirth,
  "Should catch the note, as it doth float up from the damned Earth.
  "To friends above, from fiends below, the indignant ghost is riven --
  "From Hell unto a high estate far up within the Heaven --
  "From grief and groan, to a golden throne, beside the King of Heaven."


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